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Online Services - Church View

From our new Patient Access portal you now access all the services you had before plus access them on the go with dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Online Consultations - Church View


How to Register for Online Services

You can request access to our online system from Reception who will print you out a customised letter, you can then register at

Or alternatively complete the following link to be issued with your online services details:

Logging on

Once registered you can log in at or from the logo above.

You can also log in with your smartphone or tablet with dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Links to both app stores are below.




Medical Record Viewer

The Medical Record Viewer will give you a summary of your past consultations and access to test results and letters, allergies and medication.

Evreyone now has access to their medical record viewer through their current Online Service account. You can also access the site with the apps above for Android and iOS.

For more infomation please view our Online Services Help section